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Its On Line  double Conversion Technology  to deliver a perfect output sinusoidal wave and ensure to protect critical networks, data centers, server groups and industral applications.


  • E4 LCD TM 10 000 is the best solution to protect critical networks, data centers, server groups and industrial applications.
  • It generates an upgraded power factor reaching 0.8, thereby offering higher performance and improved efficiency for vital applications.
  • The UPS is controlled by a simple control panel on the front with 3 or 4 buttons.
  • Programmable outlets for load and backup time management.
  • Intelligent battery chargers to optimise battery performance
  • Modular design which facilitates the maintenance of each module comprising the UPS.
  • Available in “S” version long autonomie.


  • On Line Double Conversion Technology (sinusoidal wave).
  • Opportunity to connect up to 3 UPSs in redondant mode(N+X)
  • Available in three phase / single phase or single phase / single phase
  • UPS status is senn at a glance on an intuitive LCD screen
  • An E4 LCD UPS can close files on its own, if there is no power, thanks to the InfoPower control software (supplied as standard), and in doing so save data from all the PCs in a network
  • Tel/Fax/Modem protection
  • Energy Saving Functions
  • 8 to 30 minutes backup time depending on the connected load. Available in long autonomy version.

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